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5 Fast Steps To Do Copywriting In A Proper way

A fancy good art work of writing doesn’t necessary bring your audience to the product you sell. A proper copywriting do.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

1. Introduction.

This is the headline or the 10-15 seconds of the VSL.You want to show people WHY do they want to watch this video.

2. Build Connections like Story Telling.

You need to connect to the audience, you are like one of them who has been struggling . Take Batman and Robbin as an example. You are the normal person like Robbin who find the product,Batman. You are very fortunate succeed after using this system / service/ this physical product. This is the emotions part so that you can to talk with their subconscious mind.

3. Content.

Thats when you bring value. And you bring the AHA Moment. Something that people wouldn’t know, you can show them what it is different than any other thing. You don’t show them how to do it exactly. ( Thats when their subconscious mind decide to buy your product or not).

4. Transition.

Here is where you do the sales, offer the product, Goals: Why do you want to sell it? Keep it straight forward. E.g. ask for permission if they don’t like to keep watching, they can leave the video now. You have to keep the energy at highest, direct and firm. Why are you selling that product if you don’t trust it/ thinking you are robbing people’s money?

5. Pitch.

To confirm the sales, the simple offer. Set up your offer has better valve than any offer should, ( not the product). Show them that the moment they buy from that channel is a bargai