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My Proven Method to Decision Making

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Why does it so hard to make big decisions in life?

Why People don’t make decisions?

Because we are fear of making wrong decisions.

  1. Overwhelm ( Sometime they interact with too many informations and they don’t know where to start.
  2. When we trying to do it on our head instead of writing on a paper.
    However, the only failure is failing to decide.

Second, because of uncertainty, because you are not sure what it is.

Leaders are made to made to make tough decisions, do it with the greatest possibility. Leaders decide to be certain.

Before we even just into the method, here are the 4 crucial rules around the decision making.

4 rules around decision making

  1. ALL important / difficult decisions must be made on paper.
    ( If you do it on your head , its gonna do looping, you don’t really got any resolution, but adding stress and pressure on your head. ) 
  2. Be Clear about what is it that you really want and why you want it.
  3. Don’t Wait for Absolute certainty. Make the best decision on Probability. 
  4. Clarify the order of importance of any outcomes you identify. ( Value clarification )

6 Steps of Decision :

Lets make it as OOC /EMR to remember.

  1. Outcome
    Knowing the long term outcome is so important!
  2. Options
    List at least 3 Options, when you have 1 option, you don’t have a choice, when you have 2 options, you have a dilemma, when you have 3 options, then you have a choice.
  3. Consequences
    Look at the consequences of each optionsWrite down upside and down side.
  4. Evaluate
    Look at the upside and downside of options, which of the options make the most sense? Which one is my favourite option at this point?
    Does’t this upside get me my outcome ?What is the probability of it actually succeeding?
    Make it from 0-10 what gonna be good with it/ bad with it?
    You will end up with elimination with a lot of option, and have the final 1/2 left
  5. Mitigate
    Is there any strategy compensate  to get rid of downsides.
  6. Results
    Go and Make the Decisions

If you are in the Challenge / situation
1. You need to get resourceful
2. Describe the situation
3. Vision ( what made it possible?)
4. Get to the right people who succeed. Or how did you overcome situations before? ( Pull back the past experience you figured a way to deal with it, what pulled you through? Was it a believe changed?