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Here’s What Every New Copywriter Needs to Know About Choosing New Clients

Choosing a right client is like choosing your partner. The better and more well fit your client is, the less you have to stress about conflicts in the future.

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Always ask why the prospects didn’t work with the past advertising agency? The reason will show you what will not be working with them. You don’t want to choose a too big customer that you can’t afford to lose.

Any company that announces to the public about their advertisement company. You might want to withdraw the option of working with this company. As you don’t want affect your public reputation if things doesn’t goes well.

Don’t choose a brand new product because it is too risky, also, don’t choose a dying product as well.

Don’t choose clients that jump from one to another company. You want to choose a company that have potential to work with you for long-term. So that you don’t waste your time chasing new customers.

Choose your clients carefully and cultivate long-term relationship with them.