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7 Things That Stop You From Being Motivated

I was surprised that a lot of people set goals quickly. However a lot of us got less motivated with time goes by.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

You may not be aware that in behind there are couple thing stops you from being motivated.

  1. 1. You do not connect yourself to the goals.
  2. Only a few of us really ask a question: Is that what I really want?  Take your head into the reason why you do and what you do. Keep asking yourself, like did I choose my own goals? Is there something else I feel more connected to? When we have the emotional connection to that idea, we can then insert ourselves into it.

2. You reward yourself for everything.

 It is good that you start with a reward system, but you are not firm with yourself. If you procrastinate, but you still reward yourself. An excellent reward system has to be positive rewards and negative punishment. Keep yourself in check.

  1. 3. You lack independence.
  2. Many unmotivated people feel like they are being put into the driver seat. Freedom of choice is essential for building your motivation. 
  3. 4. You stay in bed. Laying down too much ruin your motivation. Don’t work in bed.
  4. 5. You are indecisive about the future. It is like jumping straight in the unknown. Instead, you should define your goal, laying out the plan about the future. So that you can make that specific dream into reality.
  5. 6. You repeat past mistakes. You are struggling with the same problem, and you don’t feel like you are improving. Change your perspective and try something different. Find another way around it.
  6. 7. You are exclusively Extrinsic. In fact, the best motivation around you is intrinsic motivation. Which are inner passions, beliefs, and values. If you stay disciplined, you will get to your goal eventually . However, most people are motivated by extrinsic, like praise or admiration. 

How do you keep motivating yourself? Comment below.