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Why Is It So Hard To Live In The Moment And Stop Worrying

A lot of us are living in a constant state of fear missing out. We always depend on what we have plans, our future, our visions. With social media coming out, everything goes so fast, and if you are committing to create significant results in your life. A lot of them steal time and moment from you. 

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

The biggest problem is that we think that happiness, joy, or fulfillment is in the future. Or it was in the past that we lost it. One of the things we do is that we missed out on the moment, and we don’t realize that happiness is right now. The only moment that we have is this moment. There is no other moment; the other moment is a promise, an idea. The past moment is over.

We live our lives as we have forever like there is a guarantee of tomorrow. However, you don’t know if there is another moment. When you live life from this is the only moment you have, you are living life form emergency, you are living life from you may not see them again. When you are doing, you are celebrating it, and you acknowledge it, and you can be present in it. 

What stop you from living the moment could be the guilt from the past. It could also be the anxiety of the past or the resistance of what you have been through. 

Embrace and accept where you are, that what happening right now is actually happening for you. That what happening right now is your benefit. Be grateful for being in a bad moment; it could be an amazing moment. Because your happiness is up to you, enjoying this moment is up to you. So you can embrace the moment and live in it that you are present.  

And what makes it unique is in the moment, how you are engaging.  

So many people are never present, connected, and they missed out. They do not even remember the conversation. There are so many moments that they are with somebody. Still, they were not present, present with the responsibility that they are creating. They always think that this is not it, and then they are stuck in a situation that they don’t want to be present. Because as long as they feel that this relationship is not the one, this career is not the one. They are putting all of their happiness on the results. 

As a result, they are miserable about it, complaining about it but not doing anything about it. They decide not to make a decision. So many people are unfulfilled because they are not doing what they want to do. If you are in a career that you are not all in, get out. What is your intention when you talk to your daughter, your coworker, your mother? So what’s the experience you want to create when you are with that person? 

So how can you practice living in the moment? There are some ways I found it incredibly helpful for you to enter the present moment.

  1. Breath Meditation
  2.  Watch your breath, and see how your body and mind react to it. 
  3. Feel the inner body, focusing your focus on the muscles or parts of your body.
  4. Touch ( focus on the simple act)
  5. Recite ( and quiet the mind)
  6. Awareness of silence
  7. Listen closely to words

Be in ownership in whatever moment you are within. You live, make every moment counts, that will evaluate your life.