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How To Let the Attitude of Gratitude Change Your Life

When I was younger, I don’t know what it means to be grateful. No matter how much I have accomplished, its always this dissatisfaction that it is not never enough. It is almost like an emptiness inside. I didn’t know that it actually needs to learn to be grateful. Later in life, I learned that gratitude is an experience that something a lot of people crave for. Indeed, it is a deep sense of Joy that, unlike any other feelings you experience.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Unfortunately, most people don’t experience gratitude naturally. They are a little bit negative. Think around the people around you; they usually complain about the environment; they are not grateful or appreciate what they already have.

We need to learn how to be grateful and appreciate what we have today.
How do you be grateful? It is something that you have to work on. It is actually something that you actually have to spend time feeling and experiencing.

The best way I found to be grateful is that in the morning, I start off the day with a guided meditation. To focus on what I am thankful for, what could I be grateful for, even though I am going through some challenging time. The little things that you appreciate in life. Who are some of the people in my life that I am grateful for? All it takes is 10-12 minutes in the morning. By exercising that emotion and by digging deep.

When you start the day this way, it completely changes your life.
When you are grateful, you will not be fearful. All the stress that you experience in your life is because you focus on certain things. Maybe you are focus on negativity, lack. However, when you are grateful, you feel wealthy.

In the evening, you write on gratitude journal, write down 3 things of the day you are grateful for.

Until you documented it, it changes the games for you because it changes your mindset.

How to Bring Yourself One Step Closer to Abundance

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By Every Day Gratitude meditation, you become a strong positive magnet. Really feeling grateful, thankful.

“I appreciate my hands that touch, I appreciate my arms that hug, my heart that loves, lung that breathes, my legs that carrying me.

I appreciate my healthy brain, my heathy organs, my health immune system, my healthy body, the strength in my muscle, the strength in my body. 

I appreciate my blood flowing around my body, my strong mind.

I appreciate my ability to think, my ability to feel, my ability to choose, my ability to love others, my ability to care , to create, to laugh, to play.

I am thankful for my natural talent, natural skills, practice, time, learning, teachers, the blossoming of flowers, the growth of trees, the forest, the plants.

Thank you for oxygen, mountains, beach, the sun that warms the planet and provide light for everything, the moon, the stars.

Thank you for the space, the planet and our solar system.

Thank for nights, sleep, beauty days.

Thank you for smile , the clean water that we drink, oceans, waves, sands.

Thank you for all the animals, all the insects, the bees.

I appreciate for the available fresh fruit, crunchy Vegetables, the juciy fresh fruit, the healthy fresh food.

I am thankful for my ability to eat, to smell, to see, to touch.

Thank you for the natural balance, thank you for my family, my friends.

Thank you for my share experiences.

Thank you for all the new people I haven’t met yet, for my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, my wonderful loving partner, my healthy happy children, all the children, the wise people who have lived before.

Thank you for the feeling of peace, happiness, love, clarity, connection, joy.

Thank you for past and new adventures, new opportunity, new experience, new perspective, new growth.

I am thankful for new challenges, change, movement, love.

I appreciate my home, my continue flowing abundance, continual wealth, continual support, many blessings in my life.”