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How To Practice To Be Super Successful, Even When You Are Not!

Practice being super successful, even when you’re not!

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Most people struggle to succeed because they are fearful of the unknown, and they are focus on fear. 

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It is proceeding despite those feelings

“Failure is hard. But you know what? There are real payoffs if you can figure how to get over the fear of it, how to live with it, and ultimately how to push ahead.” Barry Diller

Comfort Zone: One’s image of “the way things are supposed to be.”

Super discomfort zone. Being uncomfortable and filled with dread, almost beyond your comprehension. E.g., for most people, public speaking, or life-threatening activities.

How to expand your comfort zone

1. Take a Limo to the airport next time you fly.

2. Hire yourself a good lawyer and a good accountant. ( They will give you proper advice that will get you out of comfort zone.)

3. Buy Clothes you can’t afford. 

4. Join the best Club you can’t afford, Golf Club, etc.

How To Overcome Fear So That You Don’t Have To Panic

Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. 

“Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me to dead.” Betty Bender

Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash

 “This isn’t a case of taking a big chance. It’s a matter of giving yourself a big chance.” If you’re not experiencing anxiety or discomfort, the risk you think you’re taking might not be worthy of you. Any problem solved will be immediately replaced by a larger, more complicated one! Progress often masqueraders as trouble. 

 When people have low self-esteem they protect themselves by not taking risks. When you have high self-esteem, you take chances.

 Here are three practical ways to overcome fear and emotional turmoil;

1. Talk to your mentor

 He or She will have been in far worse scrapes than you are currently in, and will help you to achieve a sense of perspective on your problem.  A problem shared is a problem halved. ( Not meaning shared to Morons!)

2. Know the following: “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.” Freidrich Nietsche German Philosopher. 

3. Push the envelope of your abilities. Place yourself in risky situations. 

 The objective is to replace fear with passion. “I am increasing my risk and stretching my comfort zone on a daily basis. Risk doesn’t scare me any more…I have replaced fear with Faith. I find the two emotions can’t exist at the same time.” Bruce Whipple

A lesson from how to conquer fear by Dan Peña, Sr.

Comment below sharing your special way overcoming fear.

How To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep In As Little As 7 Days


  1. Avoid Alcohol after 5pm.
  2. Avoid Caffeine consumption after 5pm.
  3. Finish your last meal before 6pm.
  4. Same time of Sleep, Wake and Exercise. 
  5. Apply Magnesium Cream before sleep.
  6. Allow more sunlight into the house in the day time.
  7. Deal with daily stress before the end of the day. 
  8. Don’t carry your frustration stays over night, instead, try to locate the real frustation and understand with yourself. 
  9. Hydrate yourself with plenty of water during the day.