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Second experience of 3 days fasting

I don’t want to lose weight, Why do I want to do fasting at the first place?

With the studies that fasting regenerate your immune system, recycle the unused white blood cells, cleansing body, balance your hormones, improve your ability to focus.

3 Days fasting is a type of prolonged fasting. My aims is doing this once per month.

Last month as my second fasting I failed that I have to break my fast on the second day after the dizziness. With self-evaluation ,I failed with 2 reasons.

First, I didn’t hydrate enough during the day especially wasn’t drinking half cup of water before sleep, the coffee shop where I am working as very busy during the first day.

Learning from the 2nd time, this time I added 3 cups of broth per day, drink loads of salt lemon infused sparking water through the whole period of fasting.

This time my husband is inspired with my first time success and he wants to do fasting with me together.

I used a very simple Precision XTRA blood glucose & Ketone monitor to make sure I am in ketosis and making a good results. The chart in the following gave me a very good guidance on what the level I am with.

Photo by Keto Mojo

Second morning 6am my blood ketones was at 0.9mml, the evening I tested again I was at 2.7 mml, third day morning I was at 4.4 ml.

I am pretty happy about my outcomes.

One side note is that, I highly recommend the tomato onion potato soup as a meal to break the fast. The third night when I was having this soup, my body absorbed it right away that I felt my blood all go up to my face and I immediately gain physical energ . I will included this recipe in the next post.

Take care.

Insight of Mastery

Your main goal in a new field should not be immediate success or money, but to learn as much as possible.

Other more prestigious, well-paid positions will be available to you later, and the practical knowledge you gain from those early, badly-paid jobs will ultimately pay off for decades to come. Charles Darwin rejected both a place at medical school and a well-paid job in the church. He chose to take an unpaid position at a boxing center, using his time there to develop the skills necessary to his professional career. 

The best way to learn a discipline or skill is to have a mentor who shows you the way.
When we try to learn something new on our own, we tend to make preventable mistakes, and spend much time seeking the correct way to do things. The result? Time and resources are squandered. What you need is a mentor: someone to guide you, helping you to use your time and resources more effectively.
But you’re not the only one who benefits from having a mentor. Usually, a mentor and apprentice develop a special relationship from which both can profit. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you must be bold enough to think innovatively and challenge the very rules you learned before.

It’s time to revive your innately fearless and open mind.
It’s precisely this freedom and audacity to break rules and subvert expectations which you should embrace once you finish your apprenticeship and go it alone. This is what will enable you to grow in your field – and achieve mastery – in your own unique way. You can learn to problem-solve in new and creative ways by broadening and training your mind.
First, we must unshackle and broaden our minds, because we have a natural tendency to think too narrowly. The second thing we must do to improve our creative thinking is to train our brains to quickly make new and uncommon connections.

This is best demonstrated in the human ability to solve a specific problem while apparently thinking about something completely different. Ever had a eureka moment while in the shower, or taking a walk? You’re in good company: Einstein, for example, played the violin while he pondered theoretical problems, claiming that this helped lead him to the solution.

Mastery: practice a skill until it’s automatic, so your mind and body act as one, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture. As a master, your mind and body will become one, enabling you to reach a new level of understanding and skill.

The Greatest Sugar Substitution

Finding the greatest Sugar substitution 

For people who want to live a healthy life without cut down the sweetness in coffee or food. Here comes the solution, making your own stevia plant.

How to Grow:

Stevia plants does best in semi-humid locations with acidic, well-draining soil. Space plantings 8 to 10 inches apart in a location where they will receive full sun. Stevia grows best when soil pH ranges from 6.7 to 7.2.

The solution is to grow stevia as an annual, or overwinter the plant indoors.

Harvesting Stevia Leaves

At the end of September or beginning of October, harvest the entire plant once flower buds have appeared but before they’ve opened. Ideally, harvest in the morning when the plant is at its highest sugar content. Also, be sure to harvest before many flowers ( four to five buds) have opened.

Making your stevia plants into powder:

Wash the branches/leaves in clean filter water. Pick leaves off stevia plant, discard the stems, and dry the leaves for 12 hours in the sun. Once your leaves are dry, grind them in a food processor or coffee grinder to make pure stevia. I find that a coffee grinder makes for the finest powder and works very nicely.

Insights of Keto Answer

Our Trend is going with Fasting and Keto Diet.

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit to keto.The ketones that your liver produces to supply energy to your brain are actually your brain’s preferred energy source, but they’re only released when your body is in ketosis.

Planning ahead sets you up for keto success. Begin by scheduling plenty of time for sleep. This will help you combat fatigue. A keto plan isn’t one-size-fits-all – you can tailor it to meet your specific needs.

Get your carbs from high-quality, nutrient-dense sources like plantains or sweet potatoes.

The good news is, the longer you stay keto-adapted, the less time it takes you to switch in and out of ketosis.

Keto works for everyone, but men and women are likely to see different results.

Combining keto with fasting produces optimal results.Bear in mind that fasting isn’t recommended for children under the age of eighteen, the elderly, or pregnant women.

Learning from Bulletproof Diet

About Fat and Protein…

Maintain a moderate amount of high-quality protein in your diet.

That’s why we crave sweets sometimes: our liver needs glucose to process protein more efficiently. 

Different proteins have different effects on your body – especially when it comes to your immune system, inflammation and muscle gain.

Forexample, Bulletproof protein sources include wild fish with low concentrations of mercury (think haddock, anchovies, sardines and trout), grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured eggs, hydrolyzed collagen, gelatin, and clean whey concentrate.

Excess protein can also cause inflammation because it’s more difficult to digest than carbohydrates or fats. It’s harder for the body to turn proteins into glucose, which provides you with energy.

 Eat the right fats in order to lose weight.

Fat is the basis for myelin, which lines your nerves and allows electricity to flow efficiently in them. You literally think more quickly when you have more myelin, because it allows your nerves to transmit messages faster. Your body also burns fat more efficiently and forms more healthy cell membranes when you consume the right fat and avoid excess carbs.

You need essential fats like omega-3s, which your body can’t produce on its own. Moreover, fat is crucial to our bodies: it’s in our brain and all of our cells and organs. Your body can’t function without high-quality fat.

Don’t assume that organic meat is just as good as grass-fed meat, however. Organic grain-fed meat is certainly better than conventional meat but it still contains mold toxins (from the food cattle eat) and hormones that contribute to obesity.

In fact, in one study of the nutrients from high- and low-quality meat, grain-fed meat was found to be so low in omega-3 fats that it didn’t even qualify as a meaningful dietary source! So buy organic, grass-fed meat. It has more nutrients and fewer toxins than grain-fed or conventional meat. It also has more antioxidants, omega-3s, trace minerals and vitamins.

Ways to improve quality of sleep


  1. Avoid Alcohol after 5pm.
  2. Avoid Caffeine consumption after 5pm.
  3. Same time of Sleep, Wake and Exercise. 
  4. Apply Magnesium Cream before sleep.
  5. Allow more sunlight into the house in the day time.
  6. Deal with daily stress before the end of the day. 
  7. Don’t carry your frustration stays over night, instead, try to locate the real frustation and understand with yourself. 
  8. Hydrate yourself with plenty of water during the day.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus you own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.