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How To Overcome Fear So That You Don’t Have To Panic

Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. 

“Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me to dead.” Betty Bender

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 “This isn’t a case of taking a big chance. It’s a matter of giving yourself a big chance.” If you’re not experiencing anxiety or discomfort, the risk you think you’re taking might not be worthy of you. Any problem solved will be immediately replaced by a larger, more complicated one! Progress often masqueraders as trouble. 

 When people have low self-esteem they protect themselves by not taking risks. When you have high self-esteem, you take chances.

 Here are three practical ways to overcome fear and emotional turmoil;

1. Talk to your mentor

 He or She will have been in far worse scrapes than you are currently in, and will help you to achieve a sense of perspective on your problem.  A problem shared is a problem halved. ( Not meaning shared to Morons!)

2. Know the following: “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.” Freidrich Nietsche German Philosopher. 

3. Push the envelope of your abilities. Place yourself in risky situations. 

 The objective is to replace fear with passion. “I am increasing my risk and stretching my comfort zone on a daily basis. Risk doesn’t scare me any more…I have replaced fear with Faith. I find the two emotions can’t exist at the same time.” Bruce Whipple

A lesson from how to conquer fear by Dan Peña, Sr.

Comment below sharing your special way overcoming fear.

Why Conventional Wisdom With Networking Is Always Wrong?

Why Conventional wisdom with Networking is always wrong ?

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In the world 97% of people either dead or dead broken by the age of 85.
Only 3 % of people are success. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not difficult but it is different.

A suggestion is to find out what 97% people are doing and do the complete opposite.
Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. For example, you observe what most people are doing in networking function, and then do the opposite, thats how you don’t follow the conventional wisdom.

Typical dictionary Definition of networking( Conventional Wisdom):
The exchange of information or Services among individuals, groups or institutions. To Cultivate productive relationships for employment or business.
Whats wrong with this definition ?
This shows the purpose of networking is for employment or business. So most people hoping to get a job or build up their business in networking.

Most people go with wrong approach, they are aims at taking. Networking not about employment or make your business. 99% of the people going to the event, they are not your ideal client. They are entrepreneur who struggles with their business by hoping to get new clients to pay their bills. The approach of going there hoping to get some business is failure. If you don’t have enough customers, you don’t have networking problem, you have marketing problem. Imagine, if you were making more money than you ever imagined than you had time for, how often would you still go to networking events?

You focus on attractions, that is marketing.

New Definition :
Networking is any activities that increase the value of your network or any value you contribute into it.
You only go to the networking event unless you are a speaker or there’s a speaker that you want to see or learn.

How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think Of You

How many of you hesitate to take actions because you worry what other people think of you? This make it like procrastination. It stops you from making decisions, it’s slows down your actions. It stops you from achieving your goal!

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When you are at 20s, you concern what other people think of you.

When you are at 30s, you care less about what other people think of you.

When you are at 40s, you realised that nobody is actually care about your at all!

When you realised that, most of their comments related to what they are dealing with their life. These people are reflecting their life stress on you and thats how they make their comment.

In fact, you can still care other people by not caring what they think of you. You can focus on providing what they need, bringing the value into society. At a result, you don’t need to worry and stress about other people’s comments any more.

How to Become An Extrovert Even If You Are An Introvert

Being an introvert you could be very comfortable staying at home reading the whole day, most of the time you don’t want to be bothered.  You love to stay alone and enjoy self time. 

However it is essential to be an extrovert at certain point of  business.  Talking to strangers, developing relationships from strangers. Being an introvert stops you from growing in all these opportunities. 

There are some ways to step out of your comfort zone to break this natural boundary. 

Learn public speaking, join Toast Master to expand your comfort zone so you can be comfortable with interacting with strangers. 

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Join different marketing function events and learn to ask questions so you can connect with others with a deeper level. 

Transforming into extrovert when needed doesn’t happen in 1 day. It requires time, effort and skills and practice. The more you practice, the bigger your comfort zone becomes.

How to Bring Yourself One Step Closer to Abundance

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By Every Day Gratitude meditation, you become a strong positive magnet. Really feeling grateful, thankful.

“I appreciate my hands that touch, I appreciate my arms that hug, my heart that loves, lung that breathes, my legs that carrying me.

I appreciate my healthy brain, my heathy organs, my health immune system, my healthy body, the strength in my muscle, the strength in my body. 

I appreciate my blood flowing around my body, my strong mind.

I appreciate my ability to think, my ability to feel, my ability to choose, my ability to love others, my ability to care , to create, to laugh, to play.

I am thankful for my natural talent, natural skills, practice, time, learning, teachers, the blossoming of flowers, the growth of trees, the forest, the plants.

Thank you for oxygen, mountains, beach, the sun that warms the planet and provide light for everything, the moon, the stars.

Thank you for the space, the planet and our solar system.

Thank for nights, sleep, beauty days.

Thank you for smile , the clean water that we drink, oceans, waves, sands.

Thank you for all the animals, all the insects, the bees.

I appreciate for the available fresh fruit, crunchy Vegetables, the juciy fresh fruit, the healthy fresh food.

I am thankful for my ability to eat, to smell, to see, to touch.

Thank you for the natural balance, thank you for my family, my friends.

Thank you for my share experiences.

Thank you for all the new people I haven’t met yet, for my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, my wonderful loving partner, my healthy happy children, all the children, the wise people who have lived before.

Thank you for the feeling of peace, happiness, love, clarity, connection, joy.

Thank you for past and new adventures, new opportunity, new experience, new perspective, new growth.

I am thankful for new challenges, change, movement, love.

I appreciate my home, my continue flowing abundance, continual wealth, continual support, many blessings in my life.”

Why People putting so much effort yet you can’t make money?

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  • It’s not about how much effort you are spend on.
  • It’s not about how much time you are hustling.
  1. Making money is about 80% Mindset, 20% Mechanics 
  2. The better way of make money is not how much you know, but the faster you learn and the fast you implement.
  3. One big thing that stop you from getting rich
  4. Excuse (Any type of excuse : I don’t have time, its too far away…)
  5. Poor people don’t have money or much resources, however they have bunch of excuses.

Success Secrets

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Words of Advice to young people from Joo Kim Tiah 

It’s seems so far away and abstract to describe success, what is the true meaning of success? It is when you build up the habit of success.

That is to put your fullest to everything single thing you are participating. 

Be the best of whatever the smallest thing you do. 

Dominant it, eventually you will be confident and whatever you do you will be successful.

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want to Work From Home

Why it is good to work from home?

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It saves a lot of traffic time of communiting to work.

How can you work from home?

You make money with skills. The value that you provide are different from other. 

Strategy 1: Making money with skills. 
Strategy 2: To think global , not local. 
Strategy 3: Ability over credential.

Bonus tip: How to handle distractions?
Make a special area of working.
(And talked to your kid that this is your working area!) 

Take 5 actions that will change your life.

Don’t betray your talent

According to Robin Sharma, most of the people on this planet are heartbroken because they have betray the visions, ambitions, values, mission in their heart. 

They have betray their talent. By buying into the mass hypnosis that the world has sold them. And now they’re 35 and they’re 45.

You can’t play at world-class unless you bring yourself away from the world and do the practice, do the training, do the thinking, to set up transient hypofrontality.

And that creates the pharmacy of mastery. And it brings you from beta to alpha and it releases the dopamine and the serotonin. And the psychologists have told us that state is “Flow”.

You have genius within you. Most of us are so distracted. They’re so over-stimulated. They’re are so interrupted that they don’t create the silent spaces where their genius can present themselves.

Embrace vulnerability

Vulnerability The willingness to show up and to be seen even though there is no guarantee.

Give yourself a push

If you’ re not always need to push yourself, you’re always going to parent yourself.

You will always to need to give yourself a push.

Triple down yourself weaknesses

If you are not good at calling on phone , then you’re going to call 100 times.

Being confrontable with being unconfortable 

How to Master In Any Field

Your main goal in a new field should not be immediate success or money, but to learn as much as possible.

Other more prestigious, well-paid positions will be available to you later, and the practical knowledge you gain from those early, badly-paid jobs will ultimately pay off for decades to come. Charles Darwin rejected both a place at medical school and a well-paid job in the church. He chose to take an unpaid position at a boxing center, using his time there to develop the skills necessary to his professional career. 

The best way to learn a discipline or skill is to have a mentor who shows you the way.
When we try to learn something new on our own, we tend to make preventable mistakes, and spend much time seeking the correct way to do things. The result? Time and resources are squandered. What you need is a mentor: someone to guide you, helping you to use your time and resources more effectively.
But you’re not the only one who benefits from having a mentor. Usually, a mentor and apprentice develop a special relationship from which both can profit. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you must be bold enough to think innovatively and challenge the very rules you learned before.

It’s time to revive your innately fearless and open mind.
It’s precisely this freedom and audacity to break rules and subvert expectations which you should embrace once you finish your apprenticeship and go it alone. This is what will enable you to grow in your field – and achieve mastery – in your own unique way. You can learn to problem-solve in new and creative ways by broadening and training your mind.
First, we must unshackle and broaden our minds, because we have a natural tendency to think too narrowly. The second thing we must do to improve our creative thinking is to train our brains to quickly make new and uncommon connections.

This is best demonstrated in the human ability to solve a specific problem while apparently thinking about something completely different. Ever had a eureka moment while in the shower, or taking a walk? You’re in good company: Einstein, for example, played the violin while he pondered theoretical problems, claiming that this helped lead him to the solution.

Mastery: practice a skill until it’s automatic, so your mind and body act as one, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture. As a master, your mind and body will become one, enabling you to reach a new level of understanding and skill.