How To Use Isolation To Strengthen Your Mind

The moment your life changes is the moment that you turn your reasons of why you can’t into why you can.

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

Revelation is looking at what is right in front of you. Most of the time is when there is a crisis, and if we just Stop sit and open our eyes. The path is revealed right in front of us.

For the most part, our thinking is born of obsessions and usually wraps up in a whole lot of junk from the outside… Past things, things that we projected to the future, things we saw on TV, stuffs that we heard on the internet, something that somebody said to us, most of our thinking is not serving us because it is not steeliness. Its a form of activities, not action.

We are built to continually compare ourselves to other people. We are always thinking of what the other person has; how we are in the relationship that we are getting as much attention as the other person. We started when we are children, are we getting more attention than our siblings from our parents. So we are continuously comparing ourselves in the brain, power, the status of the people around us.

When we are looking at the unhappiness, it is people who are one way another into a tunnel. They say the only way to live is this way… They are not happy with it, but it seems the only way… I have got to love this person, although it is not making me happy. I have got to do this job, there is a prison. I’ve got to live in this place though I don’t like it. We can unpick some of these things and say, “really?”. Is that absolutely necessary? Humans are brilliant at building themselves cages and throwing away the keys.

Better be really careful about the words that you tell yourselves. Because there shows how you view yourself, how you talk to yourself, how you look into the mirror, and how you perceive yourself. That is the same way you see the world, speak to the world, and get out of the world. So you better be careful the story you are going to tell yourself; how you feel about yourself. Otherwise, what do you gonna expect?

Each time you feel anger at your siblings or your mother or your friend for saying something that you misinterpreted. You will just say that your ego speaking. That these people weren’t saying something personal, but your ego is just always getting in your way, question it.

The origin of wisdom, according to the Greek, is Know Thyself.
One important thing is that you have to understand 95% of who you are is set on unconscious programs. And the first step is lighting a match in dark ways. If you want to become someone else, you need to be aware of who you are.

Knowledge, experience, wisdom, Philosophy. Initiate that philosophy, master it. Mind, body, soul, thinking, doing, being, learning with your head, applying with your hand, knowing it by heart. This is the journey of knowledge. Because when you learn that information, and you really study it. You are going to begin to see the world differently because your brain is changing.

Here what you got to do, you got to show up every day. When I was on the path, a path that just grows. People start jumping off the track over time. Kids, drugs, failures…It does matter excuses… But if you stay on that path and people are jumping off. You show up and guess what happens; you become the oldest guy in the way.

You learn to love yourself into the context of your relations with others. It is interactive. You need the right amount of self-awareness, but you also need to be in relationships because it is people who help you become more aware.

How you can change your circumstances by changing your attitudes. Your attitude towards life with determine what you get. If you are avoiding and hostile towards people, a hostile person will tend to create hostility around them.

Imperfection stops us, I don’t think we will easily overcome it. And indeed the quest to be immortal, to be free of blame issues, to be always correct, to say and feel the appropriate thing is in itself a full of madness. The best we accommodate ourselves in the conditions of life is by accepting: we are fraud; those around us will be fraud; we will make errors; those around us will make errors; we are largely in the dark. Therefore we need to go easy on ourselves and be generous towards others.

Somebody else tells you, “I too have gone through this”. That is why we read books that inspire us from other people who have also lost and found a way back and saw the light again and created new hope. We connect with someone and allow themselves to love again and have another child and start another business… What you go through it, but you have a sense that it is that thing called going through and that you can’t come out of it from another side. That there is HOPE.

You don’t suffer less, you suffer differently. And the most important thing is if you are not alone. Probably the most challenging thing in all our experiences is that the pain of suffering, loss, or ache is not to be alone.

You want to enjoy life. You want to love fate. And what fate meant things happen to you can’t control. You didn’t control over your parents are, you didn’t control which city you were born into what school you went to. You didn’t control whether you were born rich or poor, there is much you can’t control of is fate. Accept it for what it is, stop whining, and stop saying I want something else. Embrace your world and your life.

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