Why Conventional Wisdom With Networking Is Always Wrong?

Why Conventional wisdom with Networking is always wrong ?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

In the world 97% of people either dead or dead broken by the age of 85.
Only 3 % of people are success. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not difficult but it is different.

A suggestion is to find out what 97% people are doing and do the complete opposite.
Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. For example, you observe what most people are doing in networking function, and then do the opposite, thats how you don’t follow the conventional wisdom.

Typical dictionary Definition of networking( Conventional Wisdom):
The exchange of information or Services among individuals, groups or institutions. To Cultivate productive relationships for employment or business.
Whats wrong with this definition ?
This shows the purpose of networking is for employment or business. So most people hoping to get a job or build up their business in networking.

Most people go with wrong approach, they are aims at taking. Networking not about employment or make your business. 99% of the people going to the event, they are not your ideal client. They are entrepreneur who struggles with their business by hoping to get new clients to pay their bills. The approach of going there hoping to get some business is failure. If you don’t have enough customers, you don’t have networking problem, you have marketing problem. Imagine, if you were making more money than you ever imagined than you had time for, how often would you still go to networking events?

You focus on attractions, that is marketing.

New Definition :
Networking is any activities that increase the value of your network or any value you contribute into it.
You only go to the networking event unless you are a speaker or there’s a speaker that you want to see or learn.

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