Take 5 actions that will change your life.

Don’t betray your talent

According to Robin Sharma, most of the people on this planet are heartbroken because they have betray the visions, ambitions, values, mission in their heart. 

They have betray their talent. By buying into the mass hypnosis that the world has sold them. And now they’re 35 and they’re 45.

You can’t play at world-class unless you bring yourself away from the world and do the practice, do the training, do the thinking, to set up transient hypofrontality.

And that creates the pharmacy of mastery. And it brings you from beta to alpha and it releases the dopamine and the serotonin. And the psychologists have told us that state is “Flow”.

You have genius within you. Most of us are so distracted. They’re so over-stimulated. They’re are so interrupted that they don’t create the silent spaces where their genius can present themselves.

Embrace vulnerability

Vulnerability The willingness to show up and to be seen even though there is no guarantee.

Give yourself a push

If you’ re not always need to push yourself, you’re always going to parent yourself.

You will always to need to give yourself a push.

Triple down yourself weaknesses

If you are not good at calling on phone , then you’re going to call 100 times.

Being confrontable with being unconfortable 

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