Second experience of 3 days fasting

I don’t want to lose weight, Why do I want to do fasting at the first place?

With the studies that fasting regenerate your immune system, recycle the unused white blood cells, cleansing body, balance your hormones, improve your ability to focus.

3 Days fasting is a type of prolonged fasting. My aims is doing this once per month.

Last month as my second fasting I failed that I have to break my fast on the second day after the dizziness. With self-evaluation ,I failed with 2 reasons.

First, I didn’t hydrate enough during the day especially wasn’t drinking half cup of water before sleep, the coffee shop where I am working as very busy during the first day.

Learning from the 2nd time, this time I added 3 cups of broth per day, drink loads of salt lemon infused sparking water through the whole period of fasting.

This time my husband is inspired with my first time success and he wants to do fasting with me together.

I used a very simple Precision XTRA blood glucose & Ketone monitor to make sure I am in ketosis and making a good results. The chart in the following gave me a very good guidance on what the level I am with.

Photo by Keto Mojo

Second morning 6am my blood ketones was at 0.9mml, the evening I tested again I was at 2.7 mml, third day morning I was at 4.4 ml.

I am pretty happy about my outcomes.

One side note is that, I highly recommend the tomato onion potato soup as a meal to break the fast. The third night when I was having this soup, my body absorbed it right away that I felt my blood all go up to my face and I immediately gain physical energ . I will included this recipe in the next post.

Take care.

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