WARNING: Don’t Even Think About Trying To Fast Until You Read This

Some of you have been fasting in the past, with different reasons. Why is it so hard to fast successfully? Sometimes its like mental challenges that you keep thinking of the food, sometime just because you feel dizzy and then you have to break the fast.

To fight with dizziness, first you have to hydrate yourself. Its not about only during the day, but the half glass of water right before your sleep is crucial.

Never try to be a hero by just having water throughout the day, you need to add 2-3 cups of broth into the meal, drink loads of salt lemon infused sparking water through the whole period of fasting also help with succeeding fasting.

The goal of the fasting cycle is making you to be able to focus more, stay stronger, not to be weaker.

A very simple Precision XTRA blood glucose & Ketone monitor is a good way to help you keep tracking in ketosis and make sure you receive a goo results. The chart in the following has a great guidance on what the level you are with.

Photo by Keto Mojo

Usually your ketones level will be able to arrive 4ml or more by the third day.

A tomato onion potato soup is highly recommended as a meal to break the fast. The moment you have this soup, your body will absorbed it right away. And you will be fully energised. Physical energy immediately gained . This recipe will be included in the next couple of post.

One side note: Never ever eat strong solid food or snack  in 2 days after breaking the fast, I will guarantee you having a very upset stomach. 

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