When Should You Start Selling To Your Social Media Following?

Learning from Dan Lok.

Its is not Social Media following  : Its is Social Capital you actually have people like you , know you , trust you and buy your products.

Combine your purpose with profit. Adding Value but never creating offer for followers for years. One day you starting to selling ( People will think that you are an asshole)

Lets look at the other way ( If you only doing offer however without giving value) , you are pushing your followers away.

You want to do a ratio: deposit value, gain offer.If you can not make a profit, you will burnt out. They are making basic living by doing on social media , platform. 

Ignore loser who says” I don’t like you are selling something …”Those who are afraid to be sell, those who hates to sell , they are poor.  In business, nothing happens until you sell something.

You are talking to a small percentage of people who do want to invest in a high level with you.

Value /Value/Value /Offer.

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