Morning Routine Insight

Try to adapt your routine when you’re traveling rather than abandoning it altogether.
Skimming a few pages in the back of a cab or while sitting in the makeup chair; no matter her surroundings, though, she can’t do without this inspiring and wonderful start to the day.

Children dictate when you wake up, but parenting also has its pleasures.  

Whatever routine you end up choosing, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your family time once you’re all awake.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and you might just be able to dispense with your alarm.

That was the moment Arianna Huffington decided to make some much-needed changes to her lifestyle. Today, she tries to always get eight hours of sleep, and, in order to achieve that target, heads bedward at 11:00 every night. In fact, she manages her sleep so well now that she doesn’t even need an alarm.

You can start preparing your morning routine the evening before.

Every evening, he lays out the clothes he plans on wearing the next day, which makes his mornings a whole lot less complicated.

Thinking about what she can be proud of or grateful for helps her unwind and clear her mind. Once she’s done that, she falls asleep in the blink of an eye.

Give yourself a little me time before jumping into work and everyday responsibilities.

Taking a moment to focus on anything that you value can boost your creative output.

Some of your best work will be done in the morning, so give yourself time to see to it before tackling other tasks.

Responding to emails is, after all, reactive, whereas your morning activities should be proactive. It’s the time to take care of your own needs and schedule your day.

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